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Sabtu, 25 April 2015


Text 1
                Scott and his four companions were terribly disappointed when they got to the south pole and found the norwegians and beaten them in race to be the first men ever reach it. After planting the british flag at the pole, they took a photograph of themselves before they left, and then starte the 950 mile journey back.
                The journey was painfully slow, and the joy and excitement had gone out of them. The hardly appeared, but the snow was soft abd snow storms often made it impossible to sight the stones they had set up to mark their way home. Then, to make things worse, evans, whom they had all thought the strongest of the five, showed sighs of weakening, fell into a deep hole in the ice, and after struggling  along for a several days, suddently collapsed and died.
                 The four who were  left pushed on at the speed they could manage, they know their strength was going and food was running short. The winds tired them out, so that each day the distance they travelled was shorter than previous day. If they had had warm food and dry sleeping bags, they might have lived, but each time they reach on of the place where they had left oil for cooking and heat, they found that there was less then they had expected. They hadn’n know that oil creeps out from tins in very low temperatures.
                Captain oats had been suffering for some time from frozen feed, at night his feet swelled so large that he could scarcely put his boots next morning. And he walked in a geat pain. He was very brave. He did not complain, but he knew his slowness was making it less likely that the others could save the selves. He asked them to leaves his behind in his sleeping bag, but they refused, and help his on a few more miles, until it was time tu put up the tent for another night.
                  The following morning, while the others were still in their sleeping bag, he said: “i am just going outside and may be gone some time”. He was never seen again. He had walked out alone into the snow, hoiping that his death would help his companions. It takes nothing away from his brave act that in the end it was in vain.
1.              They story is about....
A.             The race to the south pole
B.             The victory of the norwegians
C.             The journey back from the south pole
D.             The 950 mile jurney to the south  pole
E.              The death of the captain Oats
2.           The journey back from the south pole was extremely slow because....
A.             Food was running short and there were no sleeping bag
B.             Evans got an accident and finally died
C.             There was no more oil for cooking and heating
D.             Captain Oats was terribly seffering from his frozen feet
E.              Extreme cold and hunger physically weakened scoot party
3.           For the british team, the race to the soulth pole was....
A.               A great experience
B.                A tragedy
C.                An honour
D.               A victory
E.                A misery
4.           Which of the following statements is true about captain Oats...
A.        Captain Oats sacrificed himself for good of the other members of the party
B.        The other team members did not know that captain Oats had left the tent
C.       Captain Oats refused to stay in the tent and took leave from his friends the some     night
D.    Althought his feet were badly swolled, captain Oats was able to keep peace with others.
E.        Captain Oats left his friends because he could not stand his friends attitude toward him
5.           In vain, in the last sentence means....
A.             Impractical
B.             Useless
C.             Illegal
D.             Imbalance
E.              Unavailable
6.          From the text we may conclude that....
A.             Three members of the british party were alive
B.             Scoott being the party leader become well know
C.             Britain celebrated the return of its party
D.             None of the british party survived
E.              Captain Oats was rewarded
Text    II
          Measles, a childhood deases, has caujsed sufferings to mandkind for thousands of years. However, the search for an effective measles vaccine lasted two hundred years and finally ended in success. Now for the first time measles is a preventabable diseases. You may ask.; how is this important to children?

        Every years measles kills twice as many americans as polio now does. More childrent die from measles than from any other common childhood deases. Also complication of same degree occur in about one child out of six. Most complications include pneumonia and ear disorders. Another after- effect- of measles- brain-damage-is less common, but it can have such serious consequence that it deserves special attention.
          Brain damage due to measles sounds like something far away  from our experience. In reality, it is not. Like another injure, damage to the brain can be very slight or very severe. It is quite possible that we have never seen or heard a child who has severe brain damage – the child would either have died or would be in an institution. However, in medical research a relation has been found between measle and such things as behaviour problem, personality change and dulling of mental ability. For example, a child may be bad tempered  or a little slow to learn after he has recovered from measles.

 7.         The main information of the text is that....
A.             Measles has been a deases for a thousands of years
B.             After 200 years of research , an effective measles vaccine was found
C.             Measles is a serious diseases greatly neglected in the past
D.             A lot of research was done on the complications of measles
E.              Measles may have bad effects on children who get the diseases.
8.          Which of the following statements is TRUE about measles?
A.      The number children of the USA killed by measles in smaller than that killed by polio
B.         Medical research revealed that measles may cause brain damage
C.         In the USA, children with brain damage have all been measles paatients
D.         Research findings show that pneumonia and ear disorders may cause measles.
E.          Childrens who get measles will habe pneumonia and ear disorders at the same time
9.         Which of the following is NOT an after effect of measles
A.             Polio
B.             Ear disorders
C.             Personality change
D.             Slow learning
E.              Pneumonia
10.     “or would be in an institution” (paragraf 3). The underline word means....
A.             An orphanage
B.             A hospital
C.             A rehabilitation centre
D.             A company
E.              A public school
11.       One of the important finding of the research on measles is that....
A.         Children who have got measles may become difficult to handle because of their behaviour
B.             In reality, there are no measles patients who get brain damage
C.             Personality changes already accur at the time a child has measles
D.             Measles can cause children to become physically handicapped
E.              Measles is the first killer of childhood diseases in the world.

Text III.

      Alternative energy source are becoming increasingly attractive as the energy crisis become more severe. Solar heating system which use the sun’s radiation as a source of energy are promisisng alternative energy source.  Nuclear power plants are already operation in several parts of the country.
       Government and private industry are even investigating the possibility of capturing the power of ocean waves abd tides for conversion into usable energy. Coal in once againbecoming an acceptable fuel as the nation serches for solutions to the energy shortage. Even garbage is seen as potential source of energy. In some communities, garbage is burned to heat building and light city streets.

12.        The main information of the text is about....
A.             The interest in alternative energy cources
B.             Potential solar heating system
C.             The operation of nuclear power plants
D.             The search for energy from the sea
E.              The use of coal to replace oil.
13.      Which of the followingstatements is TRUE about alternative sources of energy?..
A.             Garbage can be recycled into energy to run factories
B.             The crisis of alternative energy source become more severe
C.             Energy from sun seems to be potentially the best alternative
D.             Coal  is considered no suitable to replace oil.
E.           Private industries have succeeded in producing energy from ocean waves and tides.

      Often people who hold higher positions in agiven group overestima their performance, while people in the lower of the group underestimate theirs. While this way not always be true, it doesnt incate that often the actual position in the group has much to do with the feeling of personal confidence a person may have. Thus, members who hold high positions in a group of feel that they have an important part to play in the group will probably have more confidence in their own performance.
14.          The of the text is....
A.             The role of the leaders in a group
B.             Self confidence of group members
C.             Different positions in a group
D.             The relation between high positions and self confidence
E.              The attitude of group members
15.          From the text we may conclude that.....
A.             If we let people know that they are an important part of group, they will become more self confidence
B.             People will get a higher positions if they have great self confidence
C.             If people have high positions, they are confident that they perform better than others
D.             People who hold low positions in a group often underestimate people of low positions
E.              If people are given high positions, they will underestimate people of low positions.
In an age od supersonic airlines, it is difficult to imagine it that at the beggining of twentith century one  had ever flown in an aeroplane. _________(16), people were flying in balloons and airships. The airship was__________(17) on the principle of semi-rigid structure. In 1900 ferdinand von zepplin fitted a petrolengine to a rigid balloons. The craft was the first really__________ (18)  airship. In 1919 an airship was constantly being ____________ (19) thousands of passengers on the regular transatlantic services for millions of miles.

16.          A. In additional       
B. Next                       
C. However              
D. Furthermore                      
E. consequently
17.          A.located
B. based
C. supported
D. originated
E. decided

18.          A. Success
B. succeed
C. succeeded
D. successful
E. successfully

19.          A. Repaired
B. encouraged
C. recovered
D. established
E. improved
20.          A. Apllied
B. lifted
C. sent
D. delivered
E. carried
           Cassava is the staple food of millions of people in africa, asia and south and cetral america. Its swollen tuberous root can be boiled and mashed or garri to produce a meal known as Farin ha” in Brazil and Qarri in Nigeria, which can be cooked in small cakes. The root is also the sourceof manufactured commodity, tapioca. A small field planted with cassave can be insurance againts famine, because crop can be left in the ground for two or three years without deterioration of tubers. Bur recent finding suggests that cassava may be responsible for birth defect.
          It has other serious disadvantages. The tubers consist almost entirely of starch and particulary low in pretein, so dependence on cassava leads to serious malnutrition. To make matter worse, some varieties when grown under certain conditions od soil and climate, develop a high acid content and become extremelypoisonous to people and livestock if eaten raw. These tubers have to be well-prepared for comsumption by prolonged and repeated boilling.
          The new danger has emerged over the past few years in Nigeria. Doctors have begun to suspect that cassava, if eaten in large amounts during pregancy, may cause deformities in developing fetus; thare apperas to be a correlations betweem the eating of cassava by pregnant women and accurence kinds of brain or other neuronal malformations in their babies.
21.          The topic of the text is....
A.             Cassava, the source of various konds of meals
B.             The advantages and dissadvantages of cassava
C.             Characteristics of people consuming cassava
D.             The staple foof of people in developing countries
E.              Malnutrition, the effect of eating cassava
22.          People can rely on cassava in time of famine because...
A.             Cassava can grown in any climate throughout the year
B.             It can be  manufactured into flour called tapioca
C.             The tubers can last for more than year as long as the are not pulled out
D.             It is the most important food in many parts of the world
E.              It can be stored for a long time without being rotten
23.          It is likely that doctore will advise pregnant women not to eat too much cassava for feat that....
A.             They will be deformed
B.             The fetis will not develop
C.             Their bodies will become crippled
D.             Their babies’ blood will be poisoned
E.              Their babies may have malformed brains
24.          We may conclude that the writer....
A.             Suggest that cassava is a good alternative for staple foods
B.             Wants to tell people to stop eating cassava
C.             Shows how people in developing countries live
D.             Warn the readers of the danger of consuming too much cassava
E.              Explains the effect of food shortages in developing countries
25.          Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE according to the text......
A.             Farinha and garri are other names of cassava
B.             Being low in protein, cassava cause malnutrition
C.             Some cassava should not be eaten because they are poisonous
D.             People consuming only cassava for long periods of time may endanger their health
E.              partucular conditions of oil and climate can make cassava poisonous

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