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Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011


      1. What year did you _____ university?
graduate from 
graduating from 
2. It seems to be getting worse. You had better _____ a specialist.
consult to
consult with
consult by 
3. Chicago is a large city, _____?
aren't it
doesn't it
 won't it
isn't it
4. Don't leave your books near the open fire. They might easily _____.
catch to fire
 catch the fire
catch on fire -
catch with fire 
5. Do you enjoy _____?
to swim
to swimmin
6.  I have trouble _____.
to remember my password
 to remembering my password
remember my password
remembering my password            
7. Do you have _____ to do today? We could have a long lunch if not.
many work
much work
many works
much works
8.My brother will _____ for a few nights.
provide us up
provide us in
put us up
put us in    
9.       When will the meeting _____?
hold on
hold place
take on
take place
      10.   The board meeting was held _____.
at Tuesday
on Tuesday
with Tuesday
 in Tuesday
      11.   Why don't you _____ us?
go to the house party with
go together the house party with
go the house party with
together the house party with
1    12.   That awful accident occurred _____.
before three weeks
three weeks before
three weeks ago
three weeks past

13. They didn't _____ John when he explained his decision.
to agree with
agree about
14. The social worker _____ the two old sisters who were ill.
called to the house of
called on the house of
called to
called on
15. Tomorrow is Paul's birthday. Let's _____ it.
16. If you don't understand the text, don't hesitate _____.
ask a question
asking a question
to ask a question
to asking a question

17. It's snowing. Would you like to _____ on Saturday or Sunday?
go to ski
go skiing
go ski

18. Our company didn't pay _____ for that banner advertisement.
much funds
 many funds
many money
much money

19. Do you feel like _____ now?
 to swim
to go swimming

20. Tom was thrilled to be _____ such a beautiful and interesting lady.
 introduced at
introduced with
introduced to

21. "What happened to them last night? They look depressed"
      "I don't think _____ happened."

22. "It is not very cold. I don't think we need these big jackets."
      "I don't think so, _____."

23. "Bill is not doing well in class."
      "You must _____, that he is just a beginner at this level."
keep minding
keep to mind
keep in mind
keeping in mind

24. "Excuse me. Do you know where the bus terminal is?"
      "It is _____ the large police station."
opposite of
opposed to
opposite with
opposite to 

25. "Those students will perform the annual school play."
      "Yes, it is _____ for next week."
put on


1. "You are welcome to order the goods now."
"But payment should be made _____."
for advance
in advance
to advance
2. "Where do you live now?"
"I live in Utah; my _____."
parents too
 do parents do
parents do too
parents also do
3. I cannot understand my neighbour's accent. I wish she would _____.
speak clearer
clearer speak
more clearly speak
speak more clearly
4. "Why are you driving so fast?"
"I'm _____."
must be hurry
 in hurry
in a hurry
5. I have your music CD. I think I _____ your concert video.
also have
have too
too have
have further
6. I hear you have started a new job. _____ like it?
How do you
What you
What do you
7. I really have to go now. I have _____ the doctor.
appointments to
an appointment to
appointment with
an appointment with
8. I can meet you at Central Station. Will _____?
convenient for you
that convenient
that be convenient
you be convenient
9. I don't have any results for you today. I _____ tomorrow.
have any
may have any
have some
may have some
10. I would rather _____ a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe.
to have
prefer to have
11. "Where _____ last weekend?"
"I went to see my aunt and uncle."
are you go
do you go
have you went
did you go
12. I was very surprised _____ that she didn't pass the exam."
to hearing
at hearing
to hear
13. "Why _____ she isn't speaking to us?"
"We must have done something that upset her. She is just too sensitive."
are you think
are you imagine
 do you think
you think
14. I hope that this winter won't be _____ last."
as cold as
so cold as
 as cold like
 so cold like
15. Sorry to be late. I was delayed by _____."
a heavy traffic
 heavy traffic-
 some heavy traffic
traffic being heavy
16. The sky is getting dark. It _____ rain is on its way.
looks like
seems to
will be
17. Would you do me a small favour? I _____ very much.
appreciate it
would appreciate
would be appreciative
would appreciate it
18. I am familiar with that product. I don't know _____ times I've seen it advertised on TV.
how many
how often
how much
many often
19. "When _____ leaving for Toronto, Canada?"
"We are planning to set out at 10 o'clock."
are we
 will we
will us
are us
20. I asked Robert when he could fix my leaking tap. He said that he would come round and fix it _____.
as much as possible
as possible
as he could
as fast as he could possibly
as soon as possible
21. "Do you know _____ that building is?"
"I would say that it was built at least 100 years ago."
 how age
 how old
which age
22. The man told us that the next train would arrive _____.
at three thirty
at three thirty o'clock
 in three thirty
in three thirty o'clock

23. "How _____ a crowd had gathered at the scene of the accident?"
"I don't know exactly, but there were a lot of shocked onlookers."
24. That is the city _____ worst crime record.
on the
in the
with the
for the
25. "Where should I put this key?"
"You can _____ it on the shelf?"


1. I am slow to _____.
express my opinion
express my viewing
make my views
make my opinion
2. I have to have this report finished _____.
by Friday
until Friday
Friday before
Friday beginning
3. We were fortunate enough to visit the Grand Canyon. It has _____.
beautiful scenery that is much
many beautiful landscapes
many beautiful sceneries
much beautiful scenery
4. The car was parked directly _____ the diner.
ahead of
in front of
5. The ski resorts are usually crowded. There are many people _____ skiing.
enjoy that
who enjoy
who enjoying
6. It is already 3 o'clock. Can you _____ time to catch the bus?
have enough
have it in
make in
make it in

7. I went to have my glasses _____.
fit on
fitted on
8. Mary's house is _____ the hair salon. Do you think you can find it?
near to
next to
9. The burning stick was very hot. He let _____ just in time.
alone it
 go alone it
go it
go of it
10. Do we have _____ money to last us the week?
a lot of
plenty of
11. John decided _____ golf on weekends.
to begin
to commence
to take up
to start up
12. It _____ to me whether we meet them or not.
makes no difference
makes not a difference
 is indifferent
 is not a difference
13. We were  _____ after all the hard work.
wear out
weary out
worn out
14. We saw _____ wild animals while on vacation.
quite a few
quite much
quite many
quite some

15. They are late as usual. I don't think we should _____ them.
await for
wait for
await on
wait on
16. Are you _____ the competition?
going entering
 go to enter
going to enter
17. You had better _____ the tourist information office.
inquire at
 inquiring at
 inquire to
inquiring at
18. Ireland was part of the UK, _____?
didn't it
wasn't it
 hasn't it
 weren't it
19. They will be _____ at the party.
present -
at present
20. Will they go _____ this summer?
to swim
to swimming
21. The New York police were very anxious _____ about the crime.
more learn
learn more
to more learn
to learn more-
22. Many excited women could _____ at the department store sale.
be seen
 be seeing
 be see
23. The sink in the locker room  tends to _____ .
 flow over
over flowing
24. How long did the baseball game _____?
25. We must _____ the annual board meeting tomorrow.
attend to
 attend in


1.      _________ explores the nature of guilt and responsibility and builds to a remarkable conclusion.

A. The written beautifully novel
B. The beautifully written novel
C. The novel beautifully written
D. The written novel beautifully

2.      Over time the young students will perfect the art of piano playing. After all, such ________ needs delicate handling.

A. a tuned instrument finely
B. an instrument tuned finely
C. a finely instrument tuned
D. a finely tuned instrument

3.      Honore de Balzac said "The errors of ________, from their faith in the good, or their confidence in the true".

A. women spring, almost always
B. almost always, women spring
C. almost women, always spring
D. almost spring, always women

4.      4. In that particular department of the company, production __________ day and night.

(A) going often keeps
(B) keeps often going
(C) keeps going often
(D) often keeps going

5.      5. The tenants were asked to throw all recyclable trash into __________.

A. the green big plastic bag
B. the big plastic green bag
C. the big green plastic bag
D. the green plastic big bag

6.      I think Jane deserved to be fired for her __________ .

(A) totally behavior irresponsible
(B) behavior totally irresponsible 
(C) irresponsible totally behavior
(D) totally irresponsible behavior
7.      _______ appeared to be coming from the science lab next door.
A. The pungent unpleasant odor of burning plastic
B. The unpleasant pungent odor of burning plastic
C. The pungent unpleasant odor of plastic burning
D. The unpleasant odor pungent of burning plastic
8.      One of Jane's favorite subjects in school is drama because _______ lots of fun and enjoys being part of it all.
A. has really she
B. she really has
C. she really is
D. is she really

9.      Only after they had completed the analysis to that degree _______ how to apply technology to the needs of our enterprise.
A. did they ask to begin
B. did they begin to ask
C. they did begin to ask
D. to ask did they begin

10.  The archaeologists were astonished to find such _______ at that particular site.
A. an incredibly rare beautiful artifact
B. a rare incredibly beautiful artifact
C. a beautiful artifact incredibly rare
D. an incredibly beautiful rare artifact

1. Surprisingly cost was regarded __________ important factor in choosing a new cell phone by the three teenagers.

A as the least
B of the least
C in the least
D to the least
2. Maine's coastline is a major attraction and a vista of sandy beaches contrasted ________ rockbound shoreline.

A to the rugged
B by the rugged
C on the rugged
D at the rugged
3. John knows that he had better ________ his algebra skills before the mid-term exam.

A. brush up on
B. brush on up
C. brushing up on
D. brushing on up
4. The pressure ________ was intense after his team lost five basketball games in a row.

A. under the coach
B. over the coach
C. of the coach
D. on the coach
5. In __________, the team has begun to show some form again and has won some big games.

(A) few weeks
(B) few past weeks
(C) the past few weeks
(D) a few weeks since

1. In general, ________ have a professional obligation to protect confidential sources of information.

A. which journalists
B. journalists
C. journalists, they
D. journalists that
2. ________ of Elvis Presley is banned in seven different countries across the world.

A. The music is
B. That the music
C. The music which
D. The music-
3. For ________ you who don't know, "Rainbow" was a credible children's TV show from the 70's and 80's.

A. those of
B. those in
C. these of
D. these in

4. As was the case throughout the United States, __________ was subject to higher gas prices during the winter of 2002-2003.

A. for New York
B. for New York as well
C. New York which
D. New York

5. ________ in history caused as much shock and grief worldwide as the 2004 tsunami disaster in Asia.

A. None natural disaster
B. That natural disaster
C. No natural disaster
D. The natural disaster

Verb Forms
1. The causes of gamma-ray bursts throughout the universe, and how the gamma rays are actually produced, ________ until recently remained a mystery.

A. have
B. have been
C. has been
D. has
2. That the legal drinking age ________ lowered is a hot topic for debate in many states.

A. should have
B. which should
C. should be
D. should
3.Discovery of these ancient anthropic markings ________ our understanding of how these early humans interacted with their environment.

A. has broadened
B. have broadened
C. broaden
D. will have broadened
4. The rivalry between the two communities stems from ancient times and openly __________ to this day.
A. persist
B. which persist
C. persists
D. which persists

5. Despite the simplicity of their construction, the ancient systems ________ exhibit very complicated behavior.

A. find to
B. found to
C. are found to
D. were found to

Adjective Clauses
1. This new service will be available to all users _______ up for paid membership.

A. that signed
B. that signed it
C. which signed
D. sign
2. That is a story of hardship _______ our own situation into perspective.

A. puts
B. it puts
C. that it puts
D. that puts
3. John Smith, _______ of economic crimes, tax evasion and fraud, is being accused of attempted murder now.

A. of that he was accused
B. that was accused
C. whom he was accused
D. who was accused
4. The process uses an innovative digital technology __________ the products with as many colors as the image contains.

(A) imprints
(B) that imprints it
(C) that imprints
(D) that it imprints
5. The police were greatly outnumbered by rioters, _______ ran into the hundreds.

A. whose figures-
B. those figures
C. that its figures
D. its figures that

Adverb Clauses
1. __________ getting the highest result in the class, John still had problems with the teacher.

(A) Despite of
(B) In spite of
(C) Even though
(D) Nonetheless
2. _______ air is composed of about 78 percent nitrogen and only about 21 percent oxygen, is a little known fact on the streets.

A. How that
B. That
C. When
D. However
3. _______ he was seen to be an aggressive politician, he was a quiet and loving family man at home.

A. Although
B. Despite
C. In spite of
D. Nevertheless
4. _______ the variable drops by a unit of 1, the rank drops by X amount.

A. Why
B. Whenever
C. How
D. What
5. This method is widely used _______ algorithm is not only effective but also very simple.

A. because its
B. because
C. it is because
D. because of its

Main Subject
1. It is said he was a man, _________ to have the vision of an eagle and courage of a lion.

(A) who appeared
(B) he appeared
(C) that appears
(D) and appears

2. Before Johnson & Smith reached great heights in the business world, ______ encountered many great difficulties in promoting their theories and methods.

A. they
B. who
C. which
D. and
3. After the discovery of the abandoned getaway vehicle, ________ believed to be hiding in the nearby Riverside forest region.

A. that the bank robber is
B. the bank robber who
C. the bank robber is
D. the bank robber who is
4. A gifted scientist, Newton _______ some of the most fundamental laws in the history of science.

A. keeps discovering
B. who discovered
C. the discoverer of
D. discovered
5. George Washington once said that  _______ have virtue enough to withstand the highest bidder.
A. few men-
B. the few men
C. few are the men
D. the men are few

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