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Senin, 15 Agustus 2011


Infinitive has two kinds: To Infinitive and Bare Infinitive
A.    The Use of To Infinitive
1.      As Subject
§  To say is easy but to do is difficult
§  To understand somebody needs time
2.      As Noun Modifier
§  He took a chair to sit
§  The beggar has nothing to eat
3.      As Adjective modifier
§  The lesson is easy to learn
§  She was sad to hear the terrible news
4.      As Verb Modifier
§  John went to buy a ticket
§  The president was invited to open the conference

5.      As WH question Modifier
§  He asked me how to overcome the case
§  I don’t know what to do
Some verbs must be followed by to infinitive
Advice     intend              warn                ask
Allow       invite               want                beg
Learn       tell                   mean                wish
Decide     need                teach                expect
Permit      force                force                promise
Hope        purpose
§  He wants to go          => S + V + To infinitive
§  He wants me to go    => S + V+ O + To Infinitive

B.     The Use of Bare Infinitive
1.      After Modal
§  He will buy a villa
§  You should struggle hard

2.      After some Perception Verbs and Causative Form, except in passive form
§  She saw the boy steal money
§  He makes us work hard
Some verbs can be followed by bare infinitive
Help          observe            see
Have          watch              hear
Make         look at             feel
Let             notice
Know        listen to

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