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Sabtu, 30 April 2011


I paddle in the blue ocean . looked at the waves so far. grass and flowers greet the sun greeting this morning, like a diorama depicting the events. song of the wind that swept the fog has opened the eyes of a traveler from a long sleep. the sound of birds chirping has cracked quiet atmosphere that several years have been running. when a joke adorn the heart of a wanderer , it made him resist the guilt that was unforgivable. he's very happy, but he was unable to hold back tears of pain in his heart, because he knew that happiness was just a dream that will never be achieved by him.
a wanderer  was just bowed silently ashamed, when he knows an answer. in his heart, he always hoped, that he wanted to achieve that expectation for whatever reason, but he must give up most of his life becomes empty. he knows what should be done. but it all makes him frustrated. in his reverie he said " "Heart space that has long lost it must be filled again with the same memories. Whether it's a sign I should feel hurt a second time?"
throughout the hour he was not able to think about love, every second he could only lament the sense of longing. story after story has been woven into a history. but the
wanderer did not know whether the story will be a beautiful story for him. steep ravine  has separated him from a deep love. high mountain has stemmed his love, a vast ocean has been limiting his legs to walk. he was only able to hold the tears in the deepest recesses of the heart.
a message: there is a construction worker who was working on a tall building projects in a country, when he was working on the top of the building, he forgot to bring tools that have been put up in his bag, too long if he should  come down  to take the bag. he shouted to his friend who was working at the bottom, "please bring me my bag I need it." many times he shouted, but not another worker that heard him. he suddenly got the idea to throw coins $ 100 down, but it did not make workers at below looked up, a worker took it for granted. He has tossed three coins money $ 100, but what he can get the same. finally, he threw a brick down. all the worker was at the bottom looked up.
what we can take from the story above.
"All the goodness and happiness which is given by our GOD sometimes not enough to make the people look up to pray and worship HIM, so that GOD gives us trials and tests in order to we remember HIM."

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