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Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

The Bag Stolen

The bag stolen: a truly story dedicated to my friend in Germany,,,,hope you wont be disappointed!..:) 

"A good story is not story packed in a special and extraordinary, but a good story is a story that inspires us about the meaning of something meaningful"

June11, 2011
The sun was dawning in the eastern sky on a sunny morning. the fresh air seemed to spoil us with a million hopes. traders had been passing by with their work, and all look busy and overwhelming.
as well as for the christian, a German student who is conducting a study in Indonesia. he seemed excited to start the day with a lot of things. "Chris, where will you go?" I tried to ask him, then he answered me that he wanted to go to a place with Ian,  ian is one of member of boarding house. while preparing himself with some of the items he will bring, we were kidding. I was so surprised, when christ slinging sandals in the bag he was carrying. It seems so funny. hahahah.
Then I just say, "be careful on the way, not speeding." time seems to run very brief and just impressed that seemed to just happen. I started with my activities as usual,

Sunday, June 12 2011.
This day was so beautiful, I tried to open my eyes and greet this day with a million hopes. all seemed to look perfect. cool and fresh atmosphere did not escape from Christ, I did not know what he feels, but I was sure he found something extraordinary. Ian took him to a place in the city of Salatiga, just shows a beautiful panorama on a hill near the swamp, let's call it "the hill of love"
"This is a beautiful place for tourism purposes, the air is cool, will make tourists feel at home here"
Christ.said to Ian  then Ian tells many things about the place where he was born.

Tt 12:15, they left the hill love to swim. yes, they go to a public swimming pool in the area, "MUNCUL" salatiga. This pool has a clean water source that makes a lot of people are interested in swimming there. This is also one place that is fun and inexpensive recreation for locals and tourists. when he got here, they tried to prepare their selves and put his bag in one corner of the pool not far from where they are located,
  ian took the camera to just take pictures there, while they are enjoying swimming in the blue and fresh water, they didnt ralize that there was an ayes observing and looking a chance to steal their bag. the time has run so fast, they were so happy and intoxicated of the atmosphere. some minutes later, they have decided to get out of the place, but unfortunately they didn't find their bag put on the right side of pool. how surprised they were! it meants christ will lost everything, wallet,phone and many others

Knowing there was something wrong, Ian took a fast action by calling the number of phone in the bag stolen. at a minutes, there was a person picking up the phone, and the story began. it took several minutes to determine what should they do. suddently, ian had an idea to call the police. he has just remembered one of police he ever knew. ian told the thief by saying  "my camera has taken your face". the thief has just been surprised of that information. it is known by his stammering voice. ian asked the thief to turn  back the bag, and he accepted to give it back by a requirement. the thief ask some money. by this reason, ian planned to trap the thief. he sent a  meeting appointment in a place decided, ian told to the police to follow him and take a look at   the situation.

In a while time where ian and the thief met in the place, ian pretended that he has brought the money and will not call the police, knowing the person stealing the bag, ian approach the thief and tell everything, while they were talking the police approached them and caught the thief, here they were the final story of the thief. the police toke the thief to the police office and interogated him in some hours. while waiting the interogation, christ was waiting at the office in a long time. actually christ has forgiven the thief, but the police still asked the thief to pay the fine.

It has made christian become annoyed, because of that police didnt let him go. It was surprised for christian, the bureaucracy of Indonesia was really complicated. but it has given an experience to christian to not involved in a crime case in Indonesia. it has an happy ending for them before he went back to his country in Germany.


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