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Sabtu, 30 April 2011


 untuk menjawab semua pertanyaan dibawah, pastikan anda telah memahami bentuk dan fungsi relative pronoun dalam bahasa inggris. selamat mencoba dan terima kasih !
1.    The singing contest participant, only five of _________ will be selected to enter the grand final are now waiting for the jury’s decision.
a. Whom
b. whose
c. them
d. which
e. these
2.    The book _______ is only available in the library.
a. from which these two chapters are taken
b.  these two chapter are taken
c. where these two chapters are taken from
d. it was from them the two chapters are
e. the chapters are taken
3.    This is the place _____ the Dutch imprisoned Pangeran Diponegoro
a. on which
b.  where
c. there
d.  that
e.  which
4.    “Where did the fire start? “
“in the warehouse _____my brother worked last years.”
a. where
b. there
c.  that
d.  which
e. in there
5.    The yellow card, ______ is only issued for employees.
a. one cannot enter the factory without
b. which without it one cannot enter the factory
c. no one can enter the factory without it
d. without which one cannot enter the factory
e. without it one cannot enter the factory
6.    “Look at the beautiful carved doors of that house”
“well, in fact is the house_______”
a. which I was born
b. I was born in this house
c. in which I was born
d. I was born there
e. where was I born
7.    The lady _____ this letter is addressed had moved to another city.
a. who
b. to which
c. to whom
d. whom
e. which
8.    “ who called you last night?”
“The student  ______”
a. which I bought the type writer from
b.  from him I bought type writer
c. I bought the type writer from him
d.  from whom I bought the type writer
e. his type writer I bought
9.    I wanted to know________
a. from whom did Ari hear the news?
b.  the news Ari heard from whom
c.  who did Ari hear the news from?
d.  from whom Ari heard the news
e.  Ari heard the news from whom?

10. I’ve lost the piece of paper_________
a. I wrote Ida’s address on it
b.  on it I wrote Ida’s address
c.  that I wrote Ida’s address on it
d.  Ida’s address I wrote on it
e.  on which I wrote Ida’s address
11. “who won the ford foundation scholarship?”
 ‘the high school student ______the city council had chosen as the best student’.
a. who
b.  whose
c. whom 
d. which 
e. of which 
12. Sydney,________ is more than  three and a half million, is Australia’s largest city.
a.  whom the population
b.  that the population
c.  whether the population
d.  the population of it
e.  the population of which
13. Is everybody graduated from SMA 1 invited to the party?
Well, the party is exclusively for those_________
a. they graduated in
b.  were 1990 graduates
c.  to whom are graduated
d.  who graduated in 1990
e.  the 1990 graduated
14. The  scholarship will be given  to student______
a. which pass the selection test
b.  whose selection test passed
c.  they passed the selection test
d.  who have passed the selection test
e.  have passed the selection test
15. The tourist______ are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “Dangdut” dance
a. there are many
b.  many of them
c.  whose many
d.  many of whom
e.  they who
16. Global warming over the past 50 years is large due to human activities  _____ have released greenhouse gases  into the atmosphere
a. of which
b.  that
c.  who
d.  that they
e.  whose
17. The student _______ will be awarded scholarship.
a. who pass with excellent grades
b.  they pass with excellent grade
c.  they who pass with excellent grades
d.  pass with excellent grades
e.  to pass with excellent grades
18. Teenager delinquency ________ people are now complaining has become a popular topic discussed among psychologists.
a. whom that
b.  in which
c.  whom
d.  about which
e.  which

19. The students are collecting money, food and clothes for the people______ houses were destroyed in the fire last week.
a. who
b.  whom
c.  whose
d.  that
e.  which
20. The lay out plant of trade fair, _______ the project manager was so concerned, turns out to be quite good.
a. whom
b.  about which
c.  whose
d.  of which
e.  which
21. The girl _____ he fell in love left him after a few weeks
a. that
b.  who
c.  in which
d.  to whom
e. with whom
22. The books on this shelf, ______are about child education, belong to my sister in law
a. which of most
b.  in which
c.  that of most
d.  most of which
e.  of which most
23.  Rainy : do you know that woman over there?
Ana : yes, she is a teacher
Rainy : oh, no, you get the wrong one.
Ana : which one do you mean?
Rainy : the woman_____
a. who is smile at her
b.  who wears glasses
c.  that blouse is red
d.  is on your right side
e.  which is near the door
24. To whom are you going to dedicate your book?
To those _____ patience and support have enabled me to write this book
a. of which
b.  whom
c.  to whom
d.  whose
e.  who their
25.  X : which girl are you talking about?
Y : the one ______ yesterday. She promised to continue the discussion tomorrow evening.
a. who had a nice talk with us
b.  that she didn’t recognize us
c.  whose father is your uncle
d.  who didn’t say hello to us
e.  whom you helped

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