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Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Wander In The Deep Of Sea

I through the dark night today and tomorrow

I put the light from the sun in my eyes

Waiting you come in my dreams

I fell so lonely …

I want to praise you with some word…

I want to touch you with my heart

However, you never know,

If I do love you so much.

Inside my heart, there are a million questions

About you and me

About this day and tomorrow

About this heart and this dreams

I can’t give you anything except my honest.

I am daydream in this time

Think about something

About something to do

Although there is no an answer

In this night…

I want to go some where…..

In the beautiful place which give me an occasion.

I want to free

Like wander in the deep of sea

And I want to see the miracle

Do you know that?

Darling, although you so far from me…

Your spirit will fulfill my heart and my live

In every time.

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