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Kamis, 11 Juni 2009


On saturday night….

Light moon make me curious

What happen….?

Waiting you, i imajine some special….

I wanna sit beside you and we intimate with our story,,,

I do love you so much…

And i told you that i wanna be with you forever

Dear,,,, that all my dream…

But now, you leave me with a million question…

Can i survive without you……?

Can i open my heart day by day….?

How could you give me mystery….?

Last time , you gave me a blue rose.

And after that you gave me promises

You make me stand in amazement…

Do you know that my heart beating everyday?

Dear…. can you tell me what must i do for you?

And i will effort to do something…… just for you!!!

I wanna pain the red flower

I wanna keep in mind our story

Do you feel what i feel

I only want to keep all of our memories in my heart… good bye,,,,,,,,,,,

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