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Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Globalization Effect For Economic In Indonesia

As we know that globalization was planed by Margarete teacher, the iron woman from British and the leader of USA in IMF conference in 1980. The meaning of globalization is the condition which between one country to another country there is no limit special in trade activities.and general meaning is open the world. Who has been undertaking and controlling the globalization? the answer is IMF, world bank, financial department of USA, world trade center.

According to the neo liberalism system point of view, globalization is glorify sovereignty of free market. Some statement explained that globalization is certained as the end of the nation state era. under all circumstance that the globalization is very dangerous for developing country and poor country. In Indonesia privatization of state-owner corporation and economic liberalization is kind of indication that we are the holding neo liberalism system, and we must know that Neo liberalism system places investor and investment more than everything. Through economic sector neo liberalism system make some propaganda that only economic which is undertaken by supra natural company ( anti state) will bring wealth.

As the matter of fact some European countries better know supporter globalization or free market, recently they are anti foreign take overs with various method: like french, give approving to merger between national company but not foreign company. The purpose is to rescue government interest. Government of Poland protect bank merger which is undertaken by foreign capital and Italian bank government prevent the foreign capital by their national bank and many other example. The question is why they do that? the answer because they realize that globalization make their country poor and poor.

what about Indonesia? actually Indonesia had been victim of globalization and the prove is economic crisis in 1997. Why? because at that time we joined in IMF, world bank and to join in this organization Indonesia must undertake some requirement. Because of we under pressure international power to solve the crisis. Willy Nelly we are accept the requirement and undertake recommended programs like trade liberalization, interest rate liberalization, privatization and etc other. After the agreement had approved by our government. There are many foreign company came to Indonesia dominated economic aspect like mine , natural resource, economic system.

All of the rule and policy which was made by government yield to sides foreign Multy cooperate company. Now, the effect still stand in our country. The prove is there is no the rule and policy which sides nasional company and the result is there are many national company moved to investment in overseas because security and prospect reason. For axample, sampoerna they invested their money for about 170 million dollar USA in london casino, sinar group invested their money for about 4 million dollars USA in china, and salim group invested their money for about 1,2 million dollars USA in japan. The conclution from this article is globalization became new weapon to imperializm and nominated the world through economic system.

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