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Kamis, 11 Juni 2009


Inside my head…. I thought about your,,,,

I felt lonely in my time…

I got nothing to do…

The only one…. The light stars gave me a wonder.

Up to made me flew on the blue sky.

I put a handful of sends…

Waiting the wind came I leant on the casuarinas tree

The hurricane came and opened my hand….

The sands…spread and closed the blue sky….

Just other hurt days on years around.

My time walk away and leaved me on the dark side

Without comfort……

Without certainty…..

It made me smiled and cried in my heart.

Some night, I was very startled….

When I felled a cross someone who hug me

and said some word.

It made me happy.

A minute latter, I woke up from my slept

And I realized that it did not really happened.

I found my self-disappointed

Appeared and detained in the mirror.

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